1. Rest in peace, Joan Rivers.

    You broke the ground for innumerable female comics and you will always be remembered.

    Your appearances on The Tonight Show as both guest and host remain classics to this day.

    Yet another comedy Hall of Famer lost.

  2. Let’s Be Cops … except in Ferguson.

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  3. Mrs. Roper and her muumuus were the best.

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  4. Aya Cash. Totally my new crush. Even if it’s not Wednesday.

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  5. This show.

    You should be watching.

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  7. Real talk.

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  8. The first Avenger, FTW.

  9. fantasybuddha:

    Dear NFL,

    It may just be preseason, but Clowney comin’.

    You’ve been warned.

    Yours Truly,

    Fantasy Buddha

    Big plays from my fantasy football blog. Clowney is from my alma mater, the University of South Carolina.

  10. Only Neal Brennan and five other white guys.

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  11. That’s a good, solid drunk.

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  12. A Shosh homage to The Breakfast Club.

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  13. Perpetual Breakfast Club.

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